UW-Madison students are occupying Chancellor’s office


by Claire Hintz, Student Labor Action Coalition, a United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) affiliate

–Call David Ward at 1-888-843-7835 and tell him that you stand with the students calling for an end to sweatshop pizza on campus. (usas.org, wisconsinwave.org)

29 Apr 2013

Moments ago, 12 students, including me, occupied University of Wisconsin Chancellor David Ward’s office, demanding that he cut the university’s contract with union-busting frozen pizza company Palermo’s. Workers at Palermo’s have been on strike for 11 months, and for over 200 days, we’ve been asking David Ward to uphold our code of conduct by cutting UW’s contract. But he refuses to act, preferring instead to sit on his hands and count the days until retirement. Now, we’re sending David Ward a message he can’t ignore, and we need your support to make sure he can’t just pretend we don’t exist. As a proud Badger, I’m ashamed that my school is still doing business with a company like that. We’re prepared to stay here as long as it takes.


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