Day 3: Building a Movement That Can Win

This article was produced in partnership with the New Economy Coalition as part of the 2014 New Economy Week. Each day this week, YES! will publish articles responding to different topic prompts. Click here for more info. Photo from Shutterstock. Prompt 3: Building a movement that can win. Let’s be real. Those who have benefited from the concentration of wealth and power aren’t going to give up their power willingly. Fresh ideas for an alternative economy aren’t going anywhere without a social movement powerful enough to deliver real change despite opposition. The good news is that this movement is emerging. Our ideas and projects are resonating with people and even beginning to beat back industries that funnel wealth into the hands of a powerful few. But we can’t be content working at the margins. How do we build the kind of power we need to transform the economy? Our feature articles provide some insight: Three Moves for a Bigger, Stronger, Worker-Owned Economy in the U.S. To Build a New Economy, a New Government Comes First For more perspectives, visit the New Economy Coalition. Want more? Here are some articles we’ve published at YES! on themes that related to this conversation: We Know Who Stole the Economy. National People’s Action Moves to Take It Back Gar Alperovitz: Why the New Economy Needs to Think Big Students for Climate Justice: We’re Not a Single-Issue Movement Naomi Klein: People’s Climate March Is a Glimpse of the Movement We Need Back to the New Economy Week main page. This project is a collaboration between the New Economy Coalition and YES! Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas with practical actions.


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